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We understand that we need partners in the fight to win protections in the state budget as well as on other issues that impact working families.  Four major coalitions that we are currently working with are:

Equal Voice for America’s Families



Equal Voice for America’s Families Campaign started in 2007 and is supported by the Marguerite Casey Foundation, with the vision of creating a family-led movement across the country.  The campaign held a series of 65 town hall meetings in 12 states around the country, where families came together to create a national platform that voiced their concerns and offered possible solutions.  15,000 family members participated in the town hall meetings between 2007 and 2008, and another 15,000 gathered at simultaneous conventions in Los Angeles, Chicago and Birmingham, Ala., on September 6, 2008, to ratify the Equal Voice National Family Platform

Since the convention in 2008, Parent Voices has continued the vision of the campaign, maintained our committment to movement building and we are pushing forward the platform in a variety of ways, including:

  • Participating in the Bay Area Equal Voice coalition made up of Marguerite Casey Foundation Grantees across the Bay Area.  Together we are fighting for families across a variety of issues including child care, education justice, housing, criminal justice reform, environmental justice and building the power of low-income communities!
  • Parent Voices Marin collaborated with Grassroots Leadership Network of Marin to Co-Sponsor the Equal Voice Leadership Academy.  10 Parent Voices members participated in the Academy.   The leaders who participated in this academy are currently working on a project to research local funds available to provide access to the 700 children on the child care waiting list in Marin County.  Their goal is to run ballot initiative during the 2016 elections.
  • Parent Voices Fresno collaborated with Centro Binacional, Parent Institute for Quality Education, and Radio Bilingue to join forces to conduct a community forum and engage their members on issues related to health care reform, immigration reform, and state budget issues.  They also sent a delegation of members to Washington DC to advocate for the Equal Voice platform.  This collaboration has brought increased visibility for these organizations, created partnerships that did not exist prior to the Equal Voice Campaign, and has established a growing movement of parent activism in the heart of the Central Valley.
  • Parent Voices Oakland has recently began an Equal Voice Leadership Academy to mirror the work that started in Marin.  The academy includes members from Parent Voices Hayward, Asian Immigrant Women Advocates, Chinatown Community Development Center, and LIFETIME. The training includes 20 members from these organizations and is conducted simultaneously in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  The academy provides 6 sessions on community organizing, leading meetings, advocacy, and fundraising.  Like in the Central Valley, many of these groups had not previously worked together, but now their leaders are in connection with one another and supporting each other’s leadership development.  The culmination of this training will be a community forum 100% parent-led and parent-run.
  • Parent Voices chapters throughout the state partnered with other Equal Voice partners to collect signatures and GOTV for Prop 30, and we won!

The California Partnership


The California Partnershjp is a statewide coalition of community-based organizations that fights poverty in California. Through organizing and advocacy, we work together under common values at local, state, and national levels for policies and programs that reduce and end poverty.

  • As a CAP member we participate on the Coordinating Committee (the decision making body of CAP), conduct press events and budget actions, and send leaders to CAP’s annual Action Day.
  • This year CAP started a new campaign called Budget Organizing Leadership Teams (BOLT) which is a leadership development campaign to develop leaders who can be activated to respond to the state budget.  Parent Voices chapters in Fresno, Marin, San Francisco, and Northern and Southern Alameda are part of BOLT.  Our leaders are training other PV members and organizations about budget and fiscal reform as part of their BOLT training.

The Health and Human Services Network



The Health and Human Services Network (HHS Network( is a broad coalition of organizations fighting on behalf of California’s families, seniors, people with disabilities and others for a California Family Recovery Budget – one that creates and maintains jobs, provides a strong safety net for where there are not jobs and brings in state and Federal funds for the relief of our struggling families.

  • Parent Voices is represented on the Field Committee of the HHS Network
  • At our annual Stand for Children Day event we incorporated talking points about the CA Family Recovery Budget and called for real revenues to be part of the budget solution; and
  • Incorporated the call for real revenues as part of parent testimony before Assembly and Senate Budget hearings

California Work and Family Coalition


The California Work and Family Coalition is a diverse coalition of advocates, community groups and labor unions that promotes family friendly workplace policies for California’s working families through policy work and grassroots activism.

  • Parent Voices is an active participant in the Coalition’s efforts to pass Paid Sick Days legislation in California
  • Parent Voices San Francisco was part of the campaign to win the first ever Paid Sick Days law in the country in 2006
  • Since the passage of Paid Family Leave in California, Parent Voices members have outreached and provided information to parents about this benefit