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June 15, 2017: KPCC State budget invests in child care, addresses consequences of wage increases http://www.scpr.org/news/2017/06/15/72930/state-budget-invests-in-child-care-addresses-conse/

Jan 6, 2017: LA Times For some workers, pay raise comes with the loss of cheap child care  http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-minimum-wage-childcare-20170106-story.html

April 4th: Medium Beyond Rhetoric: Campaigns Need Real Answers to Child Care Needs Nationally

May 6th: Women’s eNews A Real Mothers’ Day Gift: Better Child Care Assistance

May 28th: TruthoutImmigrant Detention Centers Are Not Day Cares

July 25th: SF ChronicleExtra spending for child care still leaves some families behind

August 2nd: Bethel New LifeThe Single Women Are Coming

August 22nd: Truth-outThe Nightmare Continues: California’s Broken Child Care Subsidies System, originally on Truth-out (8/22).



June 16, 2015: KCRA: Gov. Brown, lawmakers agree on $115.4B state budget

June 16, 2015: Assoicated Press (KCBS, SF Examiner): Brown, Lawmakers Agree On $115.4B California Budget

May 15, 2015: Associated Press (LA Daily News, KSL) : Advocates push lawmakers to help social programs in budget

May 11, 2015: KRCB: Child Care Advocates Find Warmer Reception This Year At Capitol

May 6, 2015: News10ABCThe fight for affordable child care options

May 5, 2015: Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: Spend some of California’s budget surplus to help poor families with child care

March 15, 2015: SF Chronicle: Oakland minimum wage hike puts child caregivers in a jam

Jan 3, 2015: Sacramento Bee: Gov. Jerry Brown pressed to increase safety net spending

June 30, 2014: SFGate/SF Chronicle: Extend California’s paid family leave to the nation

June 28, 2014: Wisconsin Sentinal Journal: Affordable family leave: It’s about time

June 17, 2014: Equal Voice News: Calif. Mom: Paid Family Leave is Crucial for Loved Ones

June 11, 2014: Al Jazeera: Child Care-In between in California

May 22, 2014: Women’s Foundation of CA Blog: CA’s Legislative Women’s Caucus Sees Us!

May 15, 2014: SFGate: Alameda County says economy better, poverty getting worse

Feb 14, 2014: Equal Voice News: Bill Seek to Protect Parents, Caregivers from job bias

Jan 29, 2014: River Herald News: Pelosi: When Women Succeed; America Succeeds through affordable child care

Jan 22, 2014: San Jose Mercury News: Pelosi, Lee and Speire tout women’s agenda in San Francisco

Oct 18, 2013: Public Radio International: Latina moms pull together so they can get their degrees

Oct 14, 2013: New America Media: Women Immigrants Face Higher Hurdles to College Success 

Aug 2013: BabyCenter en Espanol:Mamás latinas inmigrantes que aspiran a un título universitario en Estados Unidos

May 15, 2013: Equal Voices Newspaper: Parents to lawmakers protect child care, social services

May 8, 2013: KPFA Pacifica News Radio: Parents Stand for Children at State

March 29, 2013: NBC News Bay Area:  San Francisco Most Expensive Place to Find a Babysitter

March 28, 2013: The San Francisco Appeal: Pelosi Visits SF Day Care, Calls For More Funding For Early Education Programs

Feb 26, 2013: Children’s Advocate: Governor’s Budget and New Taxes are Big Wins for Children

Feb 14, 2013: Women’s Foundation of CA Blog: Show Your Love to Latifa Lewis

Feb 6, 2013: Women’s Foundation of CA Blog: Latifa is a Powerhouse not a Victim

Jan 23, 2013: San Francisco Chronicle: State’s budget cuts leave poor in a fix

Jan 10, 2013: KCRA: Brown’s budget: $6.3B more in spending

Jan 10, 2013: KPFA: Pacifica Evening News

November 23, 2012: Child Care Providers United Blog: Parents and Child Care Providers Stand with Walmart Workers

November 21, 2012: KTVU: Community leaders protest wages paid to local Wal-Mart workers

November 21, 2012: NBC News Bay Area: Wal-Mart protests before black friday

Novemeber 21, 2012: CBS Local: Walmart Workers Protest Over Compensation at Oakland Store

June 21, 2012: ABC Sacramento: Brown, Democrats announce deal on remaining CA budget 

June 21, 2012: KCRA Sacramento: Budget compromise reached and it will cut more from Californias neediest

June 11, 2012: Women’s Foundation of California Blog: We Still Need You to Stand with Women

May 31, 2012: KPFA: Pacifica Evening News (starts at 41:17)

May 15, 2012: Mint Press News: Calif.gov.urges budget cuts amid $16B shortfall

May 14, 2012: Women’s Foundation of California Blog: Why Losing Childcare Means Losing Hope

May 14, 2012: Women’s Foundation of California Blog: CalWORKs and Childcare-A Road out of Poverty

May 21, 2012: Times-Standard Online: Local ‘Parent Voices’ join Sacramento rally

May 18, 2012: The Education Report: Child care cuts and kindergarten readiness

May 18, 2012: Contra Costa Times: California’s child care system faces deep cuts

May 16, 2012: MSNBC: Child care cost hikes derailing women’s careers

May 14, 2012: ABC: Governor: Tax hikes needed for $16B budget gap

May 14, 2012: SFGate: Brown proposes 4-day week for state workers

May 14, 2012: Record.net: How Gov. Jerry Brown’s revision of the state budget could affect San Joaquin County

May 14, 2012: Yahoo News (photo)

May 9, 2012: River News Herald: Stand for Children Day:Childcare keeps California Working 

May 2, 2012: Capitol Public Radio: As Parents Protest Cuts, Steinberg Acknowledges No Other Choice

May 2, 2012: ABC: Families protest cuts to subsidized childcare

May 2, 2012: KPFA Radio: Capitol Report (starts at 26:52)

Spring Issue: Children’s Advocate: Parents Say No More Cuts

April 6, 2012: Huffington Post: Child Care Program Cuts Leave Working Poor Struggling

Jan 18, 2012: KABC:  http://www.criticalmention.com/components/url_gen/play_flash.php?autoplay=1&clip_info=2483001452%7C12%7C32%5E

Jan 18, 2012: Sacramento Buisness Times: Rally to challenge state to generate revenue, not cut programs

Jan 17, 2012: Vida en el valle: Budget cuts will hurt families

Jan 10, 2012: SFChron Blog: Critics slam Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget cuts

Jan 10, 2012: Fresno Bee: Fresno rally aims at state cuts in social services

Jan 10, 2012: ABC30: Protesters demonstrate against governor’s budget

Jan 10, 2012: Univision Fresno: Fresno se une a protestas contra recortes de Brown

Dec 15, 2011: KCRA News: Protesters Slam Calif. Trigger Cuts

Dec 15, 2011: CBS 12 Action News: Latest Budget Cut Could Leave Parents Without Child Care 

Dec 13, 2011: ABC Local: $1billion in mid-year cuts coming to education, disabled

Nov 28, 2011: Sonoma State University NewsCenter: SSU Professor, Student at Congressional Briefings on Welfare and Poverty Policy, Dec. 2

Winter 2011: The Children’s Advocate: Parents win Child Care Funding

Nov 3, 2011 Times-Standard: Parent advocacy groups expands to Humboldt

Oct 3, 2011 Bloomberg Business Week: Falling Wages Threatening U.S. as Consumers May Cut Spending

Sept 13, 2011 Crosscut.com: Seattle joins the parade for mandatory sick leave

Sept 13, 2011 Equal Voice Newspaper: Getting Sick Doesn’t Pay

August 19, 2011 People’s World: Rally tells Sen. Feinstein: Fight for Social Security

May 4, 2011 KCRA: Taking a Stand for Children

Feb 17, 2011 News 10 ABC:Knowledge is Power’ child care training

Jan 23, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle: Gina Jackson responds to planned state budget cuts

Jan 11, 2011: Jerry Brown proposes drastic cuts, tax extensions

Dec 6, 2010 ABC 7: Schwarzenegger: Cuts unavoidable to close deficit

Dec 5, 2010 Marin Independent Journal: Marin Voice: Parents march on Sacramento to fight for child care

Nov 18, 2010 California Watch: Deep cuts to child care delayed

Nov 11, 2010 Chico News and Review: Child-care funds in limbo

Nov 8, 2010 The Real Deal Blog: Update on Child Care Funding in California

Nov 5, 2010 LA Times: Capitol encounter underscores challenges for Jerry Brown

Nov 4, 2010 KCRA: Governor-Elect Hitches Ride To Sacramento (proof the Governor received the petitions!)

Nov 4, 2010 Oakland Tribune: Oakland judge expected to rule Friday in California child care case

Nov 4, 2010 LA Times: Jerry Brown visits the Capitol to begin budget talks

Nov 4, 2010 AP: AP Images: Governor

Oct 30, 2010 SF Chronicle: End to child care subsidy stayed by Judge 4 days

Oct 29, 2010 sfgate (Associated Press): Judge temporarily delays funding cuts for CalWORKS

Oct 29, 2010 ABC 7: State will pay for CalWORKs Stage 3 day care for low-income families until Nov 5

Oct 29, 2010 KCRA: Judge Issues Order to Halt Child Care Cuts

Oct 27, 2010 The Real Deal Blog: ELECTION 2010: Governor Schwarzenegger’s Legacy–Successful “welfare to work” program to ineffective “work to welfare program”

Oct 20, 2010 Marinscope Newspapers: State cuts child care, locals protest 

Oct 18, 2010 Oakland Tribune: Thousands of East Bay families to lose subsidized child care Nov 1

Oct 15, 2010 KCRA: Advocates: Line Item Cuts puts kids at risk

Oct 15, 2010 ABC News 10: Protestors say Governor’s veto will force parents to lose child care, jobs

Oct 15, 2010 Sacramento Bee: Child care cuts force families to waiting lists

Oct 14, 2010 Fresno Bee: State vetoes cut into Valley families’ child care

Oct 14, 2010 Press Democrat: Child Care program hit by budget cuts

Oct 14, 2010 ABC 7: Oct 13, 2010 SantaRosaMom.com: Governor cuts CalWorks Stage 3 childcare funding from budget

Oct 12, 2010 Marin Independent Journal: State budget targets child care for low-income Marin moms

Aug 18, 2010 Capital Public Radio: Protestors Oppose Budget Cuts to Health and Human Services, Want Tax Hikes Instead

Aug 13, 2010 Oakland Tribune/Contra Costa Times: Budget cuts threaten child care as parents battle costs

Aug 3, 2010 Ms.Foundation For Women-Igniting Change Blog: Grantee ‘Parent Voices’ Organizes to Save Child Care in CA

July 15, 2010 Capitol Desk: When Politics Becomes a Carnival

June 4, 2010 Equal Voice Newsletter: Welfare to Work and Back Again?

May 28, 2010 People’s World: Child care on the chopping block

Spring 2010 Children’s Advocate: Parents and ECE teachers campaign for child care funding;Padres y maestros de ECE hacen campaña sobre el cuidado de niños

Jan 2009 Wall Street Journal Online Juggle Blog: http://blogs.wsj.com/juggle/2010/01/05/should-the-government-help-provide-child-care/ Should the Government Help Provide Child Care

Nov-Dec 09 Children’s Advocate: Parent Applies to join Marin Child Care Commission ; Una madre solicita ingresar en la Comisión de Cuidado Infantil de Marin

Sept-Oct 09 Children’s Advocate: Parents and providers call on legislators to protect child care; Padres y proveedores unen fuerzas en pro del cuidado infantil

Feb 28, 2009: SFGate: $2 billion for child care