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“The May Revise gave Governor Brown a second chance to keep his multi-year promise he made to child care providers to raise their reimbursement rates commiserate with increments to the new state minimum wage.  We are glad he kept his promise.  But failure to also update 10-yr old income guidelines to qualify for child care means minimum wage benefits for low-income working parents will be squandered if they lose access to affordable child care.  To achieve the full promise of a higher minimum wage, we are calling on the Governor and the Legislature to include new funding in the budget to defrost the frozen income guidelines.  This will ensure parents can confidently take the raises, promotions, and better job opportunities they’ve earned.

In honor of Mother’s Day the best gift you could give to a working mother is peace of mind which comes from having affordable child care and knowing her children are safely cared for while she is working.  With so much uncertainty at the federal level, expanding and protecting access to child care here at home will help bring much needed stability and security to CA’s working families.”

– Mary Ignatius, Parent Voices Statewide Organizer

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