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Impacts of the Stage 3 Child Care Line Item Veto

 by California Mothers 

Raquel White, Fresno

Picture1“In just a few weeks I have to make one of the toughest decisions in my life. Without day care, do I quit my job, stop paying rent, or have my car repossessed? I have considered all options, none of them make sense to me. They all have the same outcome; no child care assistance = no job, no house, no car and – bottom line – no independence! The government that introduced me to the work force is the same government that is forcing me out! What kind of message would that send to my daughter?”

Flor Ortiz, Los Angeles

Picture2 When the Governor cut child care he eliminated   both my peace of mind, my children’s safety, and  my job security.  I was able to go back to school, earn my degree, and get a good job giving me a sense of pride and self worth. I was no longer struggling to pay bills and worrying if food would run out before the end of the month.  I have been able to become a role model for my four children. Without child care assistance, I will not be able to keep working and my children will be pulled from a child care center they love so much.  My greatest fear is that my children will once again see me waiting in the county office line for hours trying to get my aid.  How I would explain this to them keeps me up at night. It is a line I promised myself I never wanted to see myself in again. Please do not make my children see that hard work and sacrifice does not pay off in the long run.”


Candi Marsicano, Chico
Picture3“I think this funding cut is a personal attack on me and others who have worked hard to get to where we are.  I can’t go back to the lifestyle I left behind.  Some people haven’t been through what I went through—homelessness, drugs—but that’s where my mind went instantly when I found out about the cuts.  I’ve been off cash aid for over 5 years and work at the Esplanade House.  We can’t give up.  We have to take action.  I can only hope that Stage 3 funding will be reinstated in January when Governor Jerry Brown takes office.”


Clarissa Doutherd, Oakland
Picture4 “After a long hard road to a decent job and childcare arrangement for my three year old son, Xavier, I’m seriously at risk of losing    everything I have struggled to gain. The Governor’s decision is     absolutely devastating for the many people who have done everything asked of them, and so much more. We have all waited in lines, filled out piles of paperwork, met with caseworkers, found jobs or decided to go back to school, we have balanced work and home life with very few resources and no safety net, and struggled to make ends meet only to find ourselves left out in the cold just when our goals and dreams are within reach.”


Gina Chacón, Fresno

“I work for the Department of Social Services in Fresno County.  I am a single parent trying to make ends meet. I remember when I first start working; I thought it would be impossible because of child care cost. That’s when I applied for child care assistance.  My daughter is now receiving quality child care so that I am able to work. It puts my mind at ease, knowing that my daughter is being taken care of. Without childcare I have no alternative options or financial means for her to be taken care of. I would have to cut back on hours, which I don’t think is an option. Re-instating the Stage 3 child care program for parents like myself keeps a healthy environment for our children.”


Doraines Gomez, Fresno

“I am a single mommy of five beautiful children ages 4-14. We have been fortunate to have had assistance in childcare services over the years. My family no longer receives assistance from any other program at this time. I believe that the welfare system is a temporary program for families and individuals to utilize in the time of need. However, as Childcare Stage 3 has been stripped from California’s State budget it seems the Governor is now offering welfare as a revolving door and not as temporary assistance. Since most families will not be able to survive without childcare services. No childcare = no jobs = no money = no food/no housing = back on welfare.”