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Parent Voices was proud to participate in the CA Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education.

Mary Ignatius, Parent Voices Statewide Organizer served as a Community Commissioner on the BRC.  We secured funding through First 5 LA to partner with Social Policy Research Associates to conduct parent focus groups with 40 parents.  The recommendations are embedded in the full BRC draft report.    The BRC is accepting comments on the draft through March 20, 2019, email  Assembly.BlueRibbonCommission@asm.ca.gov.

The recommendations that came from parents can be found in this report: Waiting to be seen. Demanding to be heard. (Fall 2018)  Individual focus group write ups can be found below this image. 


Los Angeles – Inglewood Appendix

Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley Appendix

Fresno Appendix

Bay Area Appendix