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If you believe that it is important for the government to help us care for our children and to support working families, then JOIN PARENT VOICES!

We ask our members to write letters to their local, state, and federal elected officials to urge them to act responsibly toward children and parents in their constituency. You can also call or meet with your legislators at ANY TIME and let them know what YOUR priorities are. Don’t forget, they work for us!


Parent Voices Press Event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,
Photo Credit: Ana Homonnay

To call your federal legislators, you can call the White House Switchboard and ask for your Senator or Representative. White House Switchboard: (202) 456-1414. Or go to www.congress.org to find your officials and their Washington, or local phone numbers.

To contact your state Senators and Assembly members, go to www.assembly.ca.gov or www.senate.ca.gov to find your representatives’ local or Sacramento phone numbers.

What can you do in your community for child care and working families?

  • Join Parent Voices or a local advocacy group and make your voice heard.
  • VOTE – keep aware of elections of local Boards of Supervisors, state Senate and Assembly member, as well as federal officials. Find out if they support family-friendly policies and vote accordingly.
  • Inform your local Board of Supervisors and state representatives that child care is a priority for you.
  • Encourage local officials to support local initiatives that support parents and providers.
  • Volunteer and speak up with and for Parent Voices or other children’s advocacy organizations.