Stand for Children 2022: SOS! Saving Our Selves! Saving Our State!

May 11th, 2022

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Thank you to all our parents and families for an AMAZING Stand for Children 2022! Our biggest event of the year! We’ll continue the momentum and work to fight for OUR PARENTS & OUR FAMILIES. We will keep honoring the lived experiences, the creativity, & the vision of families from predominantly low incomes & from communities of color. Let’s get our creative juices flowing! Let’s keep the momentum going! Let’s fight for child care justice!


  • Watch the Full Event– Feel the Power!
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  • Print the Stand for Children Coloring Pages (below)
  • Read Our 2022 Priorities (below)

All through the pandemic, we’ve been yelling from the rooftops, in the streets, at the state Capitol, and all over the internet. We’re essential. We’re mothers, parents, children. Black, Brown, Indigenous, immigrants, citizens. Families. We are a beacon of light in the Golden State. The care we give and the care we receive is sacred. 


Click the image below for downloadable and printable pages to color with your family, friends, kids, and care givers! When you’re finished, make sure to share your work! Coloring pages can be mailed to leaders, shared on social media, shared with members of your community-get creative! Let’s make our coloring pages as vibrant and wonderful as we are!!

Stand For Children Videos

Parent Voices 2022 Priorities

In 2022, our priorities are waiving outdated, racist child care family fees, increasing provider pay rates so our child care providers made dignified wages, more child care slots so families can access child care, universal preschool to meet the different needs of all our families (not just uniform transitional kindergarten), including undocumented workers in life-saving unemployment benefits, and expanding paid family leave.

Download the PDF to bring to meetings with leaders!